Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ep. 1~The Purple Piano Project.

Welcome back to McKinley High, fellow gleeks! It looks like we're in for a wonderful year with New Directions.

I made it just in time from my Toastmasters meeting to miss only the first minute of the beginning, but I liked the interview style in which I learned what my favorite characters had been up to over the summer. It was just like catching up with old friends! (Mercedes has a boyfriend! You go, girl! I hope we get to see more of him.) Kurt and Rachel seem like really close friends, since they both intend to make it big in NYC when they graduate. They're so cool together. I loved Brittany's one-liners! She is the funniest! The writing was fantastic, and she gives such spot-on delivery.

It's sad that some people dropped out of glee club. Trouty-mouth Sam is gone, but they gave a good explanation for that (dad got out of state job). Puck's fat-bottomed girl, Lauren, left because she'd rather not be at the bottom of the high school food chain. Thanks, Zizes. And uh, Quinn? WTH?! What made you stop singing? More importantly, how do your parents let you live like that, all tattooed and nose-ringed and punk hair? (I like the pink hair, tho.) Poor Finn. He seems to have lost his direction as well...

Will and Emma are living and sleeping together?! Wow, that threw me for a loop. But they're a pretty cute couple together. Making each others' lunches. Awww. I just wish I'd gotten more of an explanation before-hand...

Jane Lynch as coach Sylvester is awesome. Sue is evil and in full-on villain mode, running for congress. Her dastardly mission? To get rid of arts programs in every school in the country. Ha, I'd love to see her try. Still, since it's Sue, I'm nervous for the glee kids and Mr. Schue.

I don't know about you, this is only my opinion, but every scene with Kurt and/or Blaine in it was pure gold. Chris Colfer is one of the main reasons I love to watch this show so much. As for Darren Criss... I have a major crush on him, so of course I'm going to be heavily biased and say that everything he does is brilliant, no matter what you say. Just thought you should know that for future posts. Anyway, I was really happy when Blaine transferred from Dalton to McKinley, just so he could be with Kurt. So romantic. The look on Kurt's face and the gleeful hug he gave him was well worth it. ^_^

I was surprised with Santanna's character. I thought for sure she would turn good, and stop working for evil coach Sylvester. I know in my gut that she's a much better person than that. Or at least I hope so. I don't think she had to get kicked out of the club. Will was a little harsh on that decision. But hey, maybe it will teach her a lesson in loyalty.

Speaking of which, I like how Will is much more firm and decisive. He'll do what it takes for the glee club to win, and not be as wishy-washy as he's been in the past. Which is why he didn't let the tone-deaf Asberger's syndrome girl, Sugar, join in New Directions. I mean it, she was horrible! Even worse than Mike Chang! >_< I'm glad she's not in the club. She's more stuck-up than Rachel used to be, and doesn't have a tenth of her talent. I doubt we've seen the last of her, though.

Btw, about the purple pianos... I didn't really get why they were needed. Sugar's dad apparently donated them and Mr. Schue decided to locate a few of them around the school so that if the kids saw them they had to break into song so they could attract new members. Besides that, they didn't have much to do with the plot, so I don't know why they had to out it in the episode title... But oh well. They looked really pretty. It's sad that by the end they were all pretty much ruined...

Enough of my ramblings about the plot. I want to talk about the songs now! Ah, but this post is already an awfully long one... I know, I'll put that in a separate post altogether!

Coming up: Ep. 1~ The songs.

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