Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ep. 1~The songs

"We Got the Beat": What a fantastic toe-tapper for the first song! I loved the excitement and energy as well as the dancing on the lunch tables. I didn't get why ALL the other students looked so bored or wary. Couldn't have a few people at least shown some interest? I mean Rachel, Britanny And Santanna all rocked! I don't know about you, but I never saw the food fight scene coming. What a shock! Poor Kurt had to duck and use his lunch tray to shield himself. It was so funny to watch, but horribly embarrassing for the glee kids to endure. Don't worry, New Directions. I give this song an A, for your bold effort.

"Big Spender": This was the song that Sugar sang to audition. I already gave my opinion on her performance. It stank. But the reactions from the other characters were pretty funny. Also, I don't even know the song, so that lowers her grade even further. In the end, because she sang so bad, I give her an F.

"Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead": I loved how beautifully Kurt and Rachel sang this duet together. They are absolutely my favorite singers (aside from Mercedes), and it was such a cheerful number. It's a shame they were singing to no one, though... Unless you count the backup musicians. =P Fun song, very well done. A

"It's Not Unusual": Oh, Darren Criss, naturally you blew me away with this song! I loved you covering Tom Jones. ^_^ Especially with all the cheerleaders dancing behind you. The only thing that turned me off was the fact that, on occasion, you sang the word "unusual" in an usual way. At times, it sounded like you were singing un-jews-ual, or something weird like that. O,o Don't believe me? Listen to the song on youtube. You'll hear what I mean. But no matter. You are still a winner talent and totally awesome! (A Very Potter Musical reference. ^_~) A++

"Anything Goes" / "Anything You Can Do": Now this mashup was so extremely well done, it was almost frightening. Only because the people performing it were so darn threatening. Rachel and Kurt went to some sort of college audition, but a bunch of Rachel lookalikes and gay guys needed someone to show off to, I guess. You could see the two McKinley students smiling politely, but in their eyes you could tell they were scared out of their wits of their competition. In fact, they were later reduced to tears in their car by this flawless performance. I liked how loud the song was, and how the red glaring lights tell the audience, "Yes, you should be scared of us! We eat amateurs like you for breakfast!" I liked one of the gay guy's lines before they started. "Like my future husband, Robert Pattinson, says, 'It's great having some fresh blood.'" Lol. A+

"You Can't Stop the Beat": Even though right before this starts, Santanna gets kicked out of the club, I'm glad the episode was able to wrap up with a catchy, feel good song. The slow beginning from Rachel gave it a unique spin, and then all the kids dancing and singing in purple shirts made it full of energy and satisfaction from a well-done episode. Thank you, Mercedes, as usual, for your awesome solos. I wish you could've sang one of those awesome high notes you do that give me chills, but still, it was fine. And the song attracted Quinn from the shadows, so hopefully she won't stay away from glee for too long.

There you have it. 7 great sings to kick the season off with a bang. I'm heartily looking forward to next week's episode and song list! Until then, Gleek out! (Yes, this is going to be my catch-phrase. Don't laugh. It's the title of my blog, after all.)

Coming up: Ep. 1~The best lines, IMO.

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