Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ep. 2~I Am Unicorn

Alright, I'm going to do it and review this episode before I delay it another day. I re-watched it the other day to help with writing my favorite quotes, so it's a little bit fresh in my head...

This started off a little strangely, with Brittany offering to help with Kurt's campaign for class president, which was nice of her, only she calls him a unicorn (a weird compliment, to be sure) and wants everyone else to know it with his posters. Kurt is initially afraid that this will portray him as much too gay, but in the end he uses a toned down version of Brit's poster that uses the pink, rainbow unicorn theme. Of course, it turns out Brittany's going to run against him for president now... I don't know whether Kurt should be concerned or not. I mean, this is Brittany we're talking about... O,o

So that's the unicorn part out of the way. Mr. Schue, keeping with his new make it or break it attitude, starts a thing called Booty camp to amp up certain people's dancing abilities. Also, Rachel's biological mother, Shelby, is back at McKinley, because Sugar Motta's (remember, terrible singing Asberger girl?) dad bribed the principal to start a new glee club with Sugar as the star, and they needed the best glee director. Since I never saw the end of Season 1, I'm not too familiar with Rachel's mom, but I know she adopted the baby that Quinn had. She seems like a good character. Of course, she's competing with New Directions, so it's hard to get friendly with her.

While she was there, Shelby offered Quinn and Puck the chance to be a part of the baby, Beth's, life, since they are the real parents. Quinn tries to act neutral, but you can tell she wants to see her daughter again. I was a bit surprised how sensitive Puck was in this episode, but I liked it (and Beth was so cute!). I remember how he started out in the beginning of the series, a total bad-boy football bully, but now he's really evolved into a character I actually like. Of course, I still don't like Quinn at all, but I at least feel sorry for her.

In addition, auditions for the school play, West Side Story (yay!) get under-way, directed by the unlikeliest trio, Emma Pillsbury, Coach Bieste, and Artie. Though unexpected, I think they will do a decent job. Funny enough, all the songs that were performed this episode were specifically for auditions. I'll get to each one later, but they were all great, Rachel, Kurt and Blaine. Kurt in particular. He really wants to get the role of male lead, Tony, but sadly, none of the directors think he's manly enough for the part, so what does he do? He tries to re-audition, with Rachel's assistance, using a scene from Romeo and Juliet... wearing tights. Nice try, but I don't think that will help your cause, Kurt.

In the end, we close with a brilliant audition from Blaine, who is so sweet. He kind of wants to play Tony, but he wants Kurt to get it more, so he tries out for a minor character. Of course, he does so well that the directors ask him to read for Tony, so what can he say? I think he will make a fantastic job with the role. If only Glee would let me know when the West Side Story episode will air...

I'm sorry if this review feels kind of rushed. I hereby promise never to delay reviewing an episode of Glee again. Which kind of makes my job easy, seeing as I'll have a couple of weeks off... Yes, it is so sad that we have to wait until November 1st for the next new episode. =( Why Glee?! Why? You come back on, and then you make us all wait again! >,< Ah, never mind. You're still an awesome show.

Coming up: Ep. 2~The songs.

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