Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ep. 3~Asian F

It seems I have certainly failed this week, in that I never got to post my reviews for the 2nd Glee episode and it's songs. I have been extremely busy, and now a week later I find I have to review #3! Madness! But here is my solution: I'm going to review this episode + the songs right now, before I forget or get distracted, and tomorrow, since I'm going to re-watch episode #2 anyway, for it's best lines, I'll be able to review it properly, since it will be fresh in my mind. Please forgive me for backsliding on my promise to bring you glee reviews, and giving them to you slightly out of order. >,<

Anyway, back to our scheduled post.

What a fascinating episode this was! I liked how we got a little focus on characters that haven't had a lot of the spotlight lately, like Mercedes and Schuester, and even a character who hasn't really had the spotlight before. I'm talking about Mike Chang.

I loved getting to know him a little better as a person, meeting his parents, finding out about his dreams. Of course, getting an A- in chemistry and calling it an "Asian F" is a little harsh and nonsensical, but it demonstrates what a tough guy Mike's dad is, how much pressure he's putting on his son. Mike didn't get one of those inner dialogues like some characters get, to narrate what he's thinking, but that was totally fine, because you could tell what he was thinking. All he wants to do is dance. Plus there are the warring parts of his brain, personified: his dad wanting him to give up his dream and fulfill his family's expectations and plans, and Tina encouraging him to keep dancing, because it's his passion, and it's why she fell in love with him. Brilliant acting job, Harry Shum Jr. (Not to mention his singing, but I'll get to that later...) Also, the part where he talks with his mom. Just aww. ^,^

Mercedes also had an awesome character arc here, thanks to her boyfriend pushing her to triumph over Rachel. (I'm not sure if I caught it right, but is his name Shane or something? *quick wiki search* Yeah, it's Shane.) She showed a lot more confidence and drive, and that made her sing awesomely! My god, I've missed her voice, and here she goes and does 3 songs in one episode! But... She did act a little like a selfish diva, which has happened in the past, and is getting a little old. Rachel isn't completely blameless, just assuming she'll get the part of Maria in West Side Story (which I can't wait to see performed!). But I never predicted that Mercedes would just walk away from New Directions like she did! That was what was great about this episode. It surprised you a little

I liked the Will + Emma storyline okay. Meeting Emma's parents was a little weird, though. I mean, really? These were the people who raised her, these ginger obsessed people who only seem to care about keeping red hair in the family bloodline? That is just too strange. O,o

I loved all the other characters minor plots and lines. While they don't get a lot of focus in the episode, you do see stuff happening. Like Kurt, who is still campaigning for class president, but Brittany is giving him some stiff competition. I also adored Kurt and Blaine's little moment on the staircase, with the flowers. ^_^ I've been reading a few fan-fics on Klaine recently, and a scene like this wouldn't have been out of place in the stories I read. As another example, Finn has got to decide what he wants to do with his future, and soon. Also, Coach Beiste rules with her one-liners! Lol.

It's interesting how Will is trying to push everyone to be better than they've ever been before, so they can win Nationals. It's almost like a metaphor for how Glee is pushing itself this season to be the best. I don't want to play favorites early on in the game, but as I'm sure most people will say, this was simply all around a brilliant episode, possibly the best I've ever seen, in the entire series. Just in terms of story and character development, not to mention the performances. Which I will get to, in the very next post!

Coming up: Ep. 3~The Songs.

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