Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ep. 3~The songs

Wow, Mercedes completely blew me away with her first solo of the season. Phenomenal. She sang that song with lots of attitude and power, the kind that gives me chills and makes Rachel Berry quake in her boots, because honestly, Mercedes has got big talent! She has always been one of my favorite singers, someone I always look forward to performing, because she rarely ever disappoints. Brava. (I think I'll stop with the grading system. Just giving my straight opinion is enough for me.)

"Run the World (Girls)"
This was really kind of a random song from Brittany that I'm really not sure why had to be done. It didn't move the plot forward at all and was just very loud. On the plus side, however, the dancing cheerleaders weren't that bad. =P

Mike Chang sings! And he was surprisingly awesome! Such a perfect song for him! I remember when he sang "Sing" slightly off, back in Season 2, and with the performance he gave tonight, acting and singing, he really showed how he has evolved since then. Also, the dance moves with the football players were amazing!

"It's All Over"
This was a very interesting scene, with a whole performance apparently happening all in Mercedes' head, with her and the whole cast. I like the cast numbers a whole lot, and liked that most everyone got a little solo part, but she was kind of the focus. Very well done.

"Out Here On My Own"
Duets on Glee are awesome, especially if it's 2 of my favorite female singers. They were both so fabulous with this song, you hardly know which one of them to root for. On the one hand, Rachel really wants to get the lead role in the play, so it will get her good credits, which will help her get into that New York college she and Kurt want to get into. On the other hand, Mercedes is, understandably, tired of being second best and wants to take charge in her senior year. The editing, going back and forth between Mercedes' and Rachel's auditions, were spot on, and it was just a great scene.

"Fix You"
This started off a bit shaky, I'll admit. I don't really like Will's singing all that much, but I was glad when the whole cast joined in, and when the scene focused on people reading the call-back sheet, so I didn't notice the song all that much. Long story short, I would deem this song forgettable. Not the worst performance ever, but forgettable.

Coming up: Ep. 2~I Am Unicorn.

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