Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ep. 2~The songs

I was a little sad that there were only 3 songs in this entire episode, but then again, that makes reviewing them much easier, and makes for a short post.

This was a pretty good duet. It was interesting to see this "mother-daughter" team belt out this song together. Lea Michelle and Idina Menzel are so completely similar, in looks and in talent. It wasn't my favorite song though. Not very surprising, since Rachel had to go up against my two favorite people on this show... ^_~

"I'm the Greatest Star"
My goodness, I completely bow down to you, Chris Colfer. You are the greatest star! What with the climbing all over that metal bar structure like a monkey and singing a frigging Barbara Streisand song!!! I have always thought that Rachel reminded me of strongly of Streisand, but I could barely believe how superbly Kurt pulls off a Barbara voice! He was just so charming and witty. (Did anyone else crack up when he says "stick around for the jokes"? LOL!) And of course, the grand finale in the very end, I could never have predicted how awesome that would be!

For those unaware, Chris Colfer can spin sai swords like a ninja pro. Here is the proof:
You can appreciate the thrill I experienced, the first time seeing the episode, when I suddenly saw Kurt pick up a couple of sais and twirl them while continuing to sing at the same time! It made the performance so much more epic! If I was still grading performances, I would absolutely give Chris an A with infinity pluses! Until something else comes to knock it off it's pedestal, this is my all time favorite Kurt song.

"Something's Coming"
Blaine was also utterly fantastic with his audition song. I mean, a number straight from West Side Story. I don't know how he didn't expect to get the part of Tony, since he was singing as Tony. Even if he wasn't singing this song, though, I'm sure he'd still have gotten the role. I mean, look at him! Darren Criss is adorable! He will be the perfect Tony.

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