Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ep. 4~Pot O' Gold

After a 3 week break from new Glee, it's time to jump back in the saddle and take a look at what the heck's going on, because at first viewing, the story is slightly overwhelming.

First off, we are introduced to the new foreign exchange student from Ireland, the adorable Rory Flanagen. For most of the episode though, I didn't know his name was Rory because I hadn't caught it, so in my head I referred to him as Irish guy. Rory is a really sweet character. I love his smile. ^_^ It's extremely hard to be the new kid in town, though. He gets bullied and shoved at lockers even worse than Kurt used to, it seems! Just because he's different. High school is so cruel. ~,~ He has a friend in Brittany, at least, because he lives at her house as part of the exchange. Being Brittany, she thinks he's a leprechaun and asks for silly wishes. Not wanting to break her illusion, Rory decides to play along because... I don't know, he wants to hook up with her? Okay, whatever.

Also, Sue Sylvester is back and mean as ever. She gets Figgins to stop funding West Side Story, so New Directions has to raise the money on their own. (Man, they have to do that a lot, don't they?) They decide to sell ad-space in the musical programs, and in an unexpected turn of events, when Kurt asks his dad to contribute, Burt Hummel goes the whole hog by generously funding the entire musical along with 3 funeral parlors. (Wha?! Okay, whatever.) And later on he steps on Sue's toes quite a bit more by campaigning as a write-in candidate for Congress, so that Sue won't be able to wreak havoc on Washington. Wow, things are so simple and easy on Glee, aren't they?

It's really sad that Mercedes is no longer part of New Directions. She transformed into a character I no longer like (though I still love her singing). She tries to recruit more people into the alternate glee club that she has joined (such a weird idea, 2 glee clubs in a school who doesn't even like glee), which makes New Directions slightly nervous. Santanna considers joining Mercedes, but only if she can convince Brittany to join with her. Brittany is more loyal to New Directions, though... I'm not sure why it was important, but when she learns about Rory and his feelings for Brittany, Santanna gets fiercely jealous and territorial. She can be very scary when she wants to be. 0,o

Finn finally gets a little character development when he starts acting like the leader again, trying to keep everybody's heads in the game. I like that he stood up for Rory when it seemed no one else in the school would. I didn't like how snappy he was to Blaine, though. >,< Also calling Brittany stupid and dashing her beliefs in Santa Clause and leprechauns in one fell swoop. Nice going, Finn. He still seems largely clueless about his future, so I liked it when the Hummel/Hudson family gathered together to talk about the future, especially since there's a chance Burt could be a congressman if people vote for him. That would mean they would move to Washington. Kurt will (hopefully!) go to some New York college, so that would leave Finn... Possibly taking over Burt's auto shop? Did he look like he actually liked the sound of that? Okay, whatever.

Lastly, there was my least favorite storyline of the episode, with Quinn, Puck, Shelby and the baby drama. I have no idea what Quinn is thinking. She's finally lost it. She is such a mean, scheming, extremely short-term thinking girl. What will taking Beth, her daughter, back from Shelby solve?! Puck I like a little better, but this episode has shown him to be a really enigmatic character. He still has that pool cleaning business from the first season, though since he has a baby, the cougars are less interested in him. He seems to truely care about Beth and wants to be a good father, though it creeps me out how close he ends up getting to Shelby. Eww!

So yeah, you can see that this episode, for me at least, was quite full of okay, whatever moments. Not my favorite episode this season. Still, I'm glad things wrapped up the way they did. Finn apologized to Brittany, Sue slinks off to fight another day, and Rory joins New Directions to partially fill the void left by Mercedes, Santanna and Brittany, who all joined and conquered Shelby and Sugar Motta's club and became the Trouble Tones. (I actually felt sorry for poor Sugar. 0,o)

Now we have next week to look forward to... And boy, I'm nervous about this episode! Titled "The First Time", the sneak peek prominently featured Finchel and Klaine talking about taking the next step in their respective relationships... I am counting on you, Glee. Please don't mess this up next Tuesday.

Coming up: Ep. 4~The songs.

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