Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ep. 5~The songs

Blaine and Rachel made this song absolutely beautiful. It was perfect. Perhaps a little too perfect? Who knows? Maybe Artie was right that they needed more emotion behind their singing. They kept looking at their scripts and the audience, not at each other. (Granted, that's because they're not in love and never will be, since they have boyfriends.) As wonderful as the song was and how well they performed it, there still needs to be that emotional element buried in there. But hey, it was still amazing!

"Uptown Girl"
Man, the Warblers sound awesome, even without Blaine Anderson! Of course, Blaine would have made this song all the more classy, but they still rocked the house! I wonder why they had a woman crossing the halls while they were singing. Isn't this supposed to be an all-boy's school? What is she? A teacher, a secretary of sorts? An excuse for the Warblers to sing to someone pretty? Also, I was confused for a while, because what the heck was Blaine doing there?! But then when he said he'd invite everyone to West Side Story, it totally made sense. Whatever, it was fun checking back at Dalton for a scene, and the Billy Joel cover was nailed. I liked the end, especially.

"A Boy Like That"
Santanna was born to sing this song! Of all the West Side Story songs Glee could have used, that one was absolutely perfect for her. Rachel had a great operatic voice too. The only thing that bugged me was that the conversation between Blaine and this Sebastian (hate him!) kept interrupting the song, and then the song would interrupt the conversation. I wish there was a way to separate out the song and the scene, so I could enjoy them individually, and not be distracted by one or the other. (How the heck did Sebastian wheedle another date out of Blaine?! I wanted to shout at him, You have a boyfriend!!!)

"I Have a Love"
Now this song also used a weaving of song and scene together, but I think this one was done the right way. Maybe because of how mellow the song was, and how special what Tina was talking about was. Both subject matters meshed well with each other, neither was distracting. Rachel demonstrated great mastery of the voice with this song. It was beautiful. The only question I had was, is this a rehearsal for the musical, or is it a flash-forward to the actual show? Because Rachel and Santanna show some good emotion for it just to be practice.

Okay, this was probably the best song in the whole episode. I love this in West Side Story, and the McKinley High kids just rocked it out! Santanna and Puck were absolutely perfectly cast in their roles, and sounded amazing. I love the lyrics, and how beautiful the Spanish accent sounds on top of everything. This song made me want to see the entirety of their West Side Story performance. Why couldn't they do the whole show?! =(

"One Hand, One Heart"
This duet with Blaine and Rachel was much better than their first. It was sweet and romantic, they sang with real emotion, looking into each other's eyes this time, and acted like they were really in love. I was once again disappointed that I couldn't see more of the show, because this was so amazing. Plus I have to mention that the scenes mixed into the song, of Finchel's and Klaine's first times, were really simple, beautiful, and well-done, and the song added to the experience. A part of me wished I could have seen more (*_*), but really, it was perfect.

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