Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ep. 5~The First Time

Oh my goodness! This episode was simply amazing!!! I don't know how I could have ever doubted that glee wouldn't take this topic and make it awesome. "The First Time" has gone right into my top favorite episodes of the season, up there with "Asian F". I will explain to you now what exactly happened last night and why I fell in love with this episode.

First, I like that we got to get inside Artie's head a tiny bit, how he really takes his role as director of the school musical seriously. It wasnt much, but it was nice for his character to have a share of the spotlight. Also, without him, Rachel and Blaine wouldn't have started thinking about how they haven't yet experienced what it's like to... er, do it... And as the lead roles of Maria and Tony, it would be good to have some world experience to tap into with their acting. Lucky for them, they both have boyfriends with which they can potentially "do the deed": Finn and Kurt. (Guess which couple I was most interested in? ^_~)

Don't worry, I'll get into that later. Artie also plays match-maker with Coach Beiste (who, along with Emma, ran away from his sex talk :P), who has her eyes on Cooter the Football recruiter (I bet they gave him that name just because it was fun to say), but is too shy and insecure about her looks to act on her feelings. I liked how seeing the Beiste vulnerable like that reminded me that, under that tough, macho exterior, she is really a sensitive woman on the inside. Happily it turns out that Cooter likes her too and, with a little prodding from our handicapped cupid, gets the courage to flat out ask her out on a date. Yay!

I liked the Finchel interaction a ton better than I have in the past. They truly seemed like a couple in love, with no back-stabbing, hidden agendas, or big break-up arguments. Well, actually... Argh, just when it seemed as if they were about to get it on (safe and protected, no worries), Rachel HAD to open her big mouth and say one of her reasons for doing it now and not after winning an award was so she was better prepared for the musical. Total turn-off for Finn, naturally. Not to worry, though. In the end, Rachel sees the error of her ways and fixes things with her boyfriend.

I thought it was interesting that Rachel called a meeting of the old celibacy club to order (was it the celibacy club? It looked like they were using a similar empty classroom) to ask her girlfriends for advice. Quinn, talking from experience, said it would be good to wait before losing her virginity, to save herself regret. Santanna, from her own experience, said she should wait for someone better at it than Finn to come along. I liked Tina's advice best, though. She didn't tell Rachel what to do, but talked about how her first time with Mike was so beautiful and special, and that's how Rachel's first time should be.

Speaking of Mike, I liked that they continued a bit with his story arc and had his dad confront him, but was so sad that Mike was basically disowned by him. :( Yeah, it's great that his mom fully supports him, but hopefully Mr. Chang will eventually come around. (btw, I wonder when Tina will get a story arc of her own in this season. She's the sweetest, least dramatic girl in the whole show, and sadly under-used. I want to see her come out and shine!)

Okay, I saved the best sub-plot for last. ^_^ So what's the Klaine story? Well, Blaine swings by Dalton to check in on the Warblers and invite his friends to see McKinley's West Side Story. While there, he meets this new guy, named Sebastian, who seems even more smooth-talking than Blaine was when Kurt first met him. He agrees to meet Sebastian for coffee (noooooo!), and it is clear that Sebastian (gay, by the way) wants him. I never thought I'd get to see Blaine look so flustered around someone hitting on him. He's so freaking adorable. ^_^

On their next meeting, Blaine makes it clear to him that he has a boyfriend, though Sebastian doesn't seem too bothered by that fact. Until Kurt appears, by pure coincidence. I liked how protectively he held onto Blaine's arm, his body language plainly saying, "You can't have him. He's all mine, got that?" Then Sebastian invites them to kick it back at a gay bar, which Kurt... strangely agrees to? 0_o Blaine certainly didn't see that coming. Lol.

It was cool seeing the inside of a gay bar. Yeah, the dudes in drag were a little weird, but it looked like a fun, harmless place. The big surprise, though, was that Kurt actually met up with Dave Karofsky, his old bully, and they had a civil conversation. Kurt! And Karofsky! Together! He seemed much happier, much mellowed down, and has apparently found acceptance in his new school and in that gay bar. I'm glad about that. I never thought, when introduced to Dave in season 2, that I'd see him turn into a good character, but Glee demonstrates that no one, not even Sue, is made of pure evil.

Later, when they exit the bar totally drunk (well, Blaine much more than Kurt), Blaine comes on a little too strong and tries to make out with Kurt in the car, but Kurt doesn't want to do it if he's not going to remember it the next day. I was really shocked at how (understandably) mad he was at Blaine, and agreed that they should both be sober so the moment would be special, but was heartbroken when Blaine just left in a huff. !,! I really almost cried! Since he kissed Rachel, Blaine and Kurt have NEVER had a reason to fight. (Huh, that also came about because Blaine was drunk. You know what this means, don't you. Lay off the bottle, Warbler. :P)

But after the opening night of the musical, which seemed like a big success (but I sorely wish there could have been more West Side Story scenes! Santanna was awesome!!! Well, it was only the first night. Perhaps they'll show the other performances?), Blaine apologizes for his boorish behavior, and they're back together. Just like that. I don't know... It would have been interesting if they hadn't made up so quickly and had to wait until next episode, so the audience would get some tension. But like the kissing Rachel storyline, they didn't give viewers a chance to feel too sad for too long,...which I'm happy about, don't get me wrong! Still, it's not bad to keep people guessing...

Okay, for an episode about sex, I thought this was masterfully handled. The intimacy between both Finchel and Klaine was, I thought, very PG, but also really juicy at the same time. ^_^ Of course, you really don't see them do much besides lie in bed and stare lovingly into each other's eyes, but your imagination fills in the blanks. (That scene near the beginning, when Blaine was dancing for Kurt in his bedroom, was totally hot! If only Kurt didn't have on so many layers all the time! >_< And I love it whenever they kiss. Lol.)

Strangely, watching the whole episode made me feel as if it had come from the imagination of a glee fan-fic author, with all the awesome drama that came out of this. The writing was pure genius, I loved it, and... There's really nothing much else to say.

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  1. awesome review sis. It was fun seeing this episode with you and I agree with everything you wrote.