Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shum awesome videos!

Since I like Glee on Facebook, I get updates from them all the time. About new episodes, songs being released on iTunes, certain cast members' interviews and special news. After seeing the last episode of Glee, "Mash Off", I got an update that said Harry Shum Jr., who plays Mike Chang, had released his own personal website to the Internet,, and fans should go check it out.Before now, I really liked Harry, because of how well he plays Mike and how well he can dance, and how cute he looks. But after taking a peek at his website, I think I have become an all-out fangirl overnight!

I learned so many things about Harry that I didn't know before! For example, he was born in Costa Rica, he starred in the dancing silhouette iPod commercials (he actually met Steve Jobs, and wrote a great tribute post on his blog), and he was voted as one of People Magazine's sexiest men alive! Here is a video that will show you why.

I gotta say, I think I have a new glee crush to contend with Darren Criss's Blaine Anderson. *_* I never thought that would happen, but it did.

My all-time favorite part about Harry's website, though, are his videos, especially his short films. These are less than 3-minute long movies that demonstrate what an incredible talent for acting he has, as well as his hilarious sense of humor. One of my favorite one is the epic, the awesome, the nail-biting thriller, "3 minutes". Trust me. You will love this. He fights a guy with freaking light-sabers!My other favorite video of is his laugh out loud performance in "Buffet", where he plays a dude who has never been to a buffet before, and misconstrues the meaning of it entirely. =PThis is all to say that I now totally love Harry Shum Jr and his wonderful website. I just hope he adds more content on a regular basis, because I've already gone through all his existing blogposts, pics and videos. Lol.

Also, the reason for this post is that I didn't feel like writing the reviews for the episode "Mash Off" and it's songs. I figure since there will be a two-week wait for the next episode, I'll give you the scoop next week, when I'll be re-watching the episode really carefully anyway, to catch all the best quotes.

Thanks for reading!

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