Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ep. 6~The songs

"Hot for Teacher"
Okay, when I heard this song at first, I thought I wasn't going to like it, because it's loud, and it's about Puck expressing his feelings for his teacher, Shelby Corcoran. (Ew! >,<) But as the song progressed, I couldn't help getting into the groove. When the song moved into the choir room, that was when I enjoyed the song the most, since my two crushes, Blaine and Mike, were back-up dancers. I think the choreography really made the song good for me. ^_^ Also them saying, "Aw, I think the clock is slow, man!" "I don't feel tardy!" Then they fight with the microphone stands and Mike jumps and "stabs" Blaine. (It almost seems symbolic that Harry Shum Jr. has taken over the throne from Darren Criss as my top Glee hotty. O_o) Anyway, I'm glad that there was a song within the first 2 minutes of the episode, to kick it right off, despite it's original intent. Also Finn's drumming and Puck's singing, I'll admit, was pretty awesome.

"You and I" / "You and I"
This mashup was absolutely phenomenal! Will and Shelby did a fantastic job weaving these two songs (which coincidentally have the exact same title) and their voices together to produce something amazing. I was almost convinced that it was just one song, but I've heard Shelby's "You and I" on the radio, and they seemed to have subtly different styles, so it was just a masterfully done mashup. I just loved the harmony between them, how wonderful they sounded, and obviously the kids thought so too.

"Hit Me with Your Best Shot" / "One Way or Another"
This mashup was quite awesome, the perfect backdrop against the vicious dodge-ball game between New Directions and the Trouble Tones. I liked the flips, and the close-up of a ball bouncing off of people's faces, like Kurt. That looked like it really hurt him! (But I saw the behind the scenes video and know it was a fake, softer dodgeball, so he's just being over the top. Lol.)

"I Can't Go for That" / "You Make My Dreams"
One thing I like about this number is the costumes. The musicians have musical ties, half the guys are wearing pink shirts and blazers, and the other half of the guys, including Blaine, have 'fros and thick mustaches for some reason! So hilarious! The group number was just fantastic. I liked Finn's voice. I think I've hardly heard him this season, and he honestly sounded good. Everyone else did too, of course.

"Rumour Has It" / "Someone Like You"
My god, this mashup gives me chills. I don't know either song really well, but Mercedes and Santanna definitely rock the house with their voices. The backup singers and general choreography were really good. Santanna delivered lots of emotion, especially given that she'd just seen a campaign ad that called her a lesbian. Granted, it's true, but it still obviously hurt her.

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