Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ep. 7~The songs

Kurt's voice is beautiful, and I love Blaine's rap. Their harmony together is also way awesome. I can definitely picture them singing this song to each other in the car, as they claimed they did. Awesome P!nk cover.

"I'm the Only One"
Okay, now this song made Puck sound sexy. It was pretty obvious that he was directing his affection at Shelby, and not Quinn or Santanna as he would have you think. But in comparison to "Hot for Teacher", this song was more subtle, and more pleasing to the ears, in my opinion.

"Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
I didn't realize this was what Finn was singing until further on in the song. It's such a slow, mellow cover. I like the regular fast-paced version much better. Not his best performance, I'd say, but he made Santanna cry, so it must've done something to some people.

Ah, I loved hearing Beiste's voice for the first time! She is a very good singer! So she was living out a tragic country song inside herself. Well, I really liked it and very much hope I get to hear more of Dot Marie Jones in the future.

"I Kissed a Girl"
A very interesting intro into this song... what a creepo! Trying to "straighten" Santanna out? Please. I'm thankful that all the other girls came in to back her up. Girl power! Also it's interesting that they sing a song that was from the pilot episode. Remember Tina's first audition? Haha, I noticed Kurt and Blaine taking videos of the performance with their phones. Cute!

"Constant Craving"
I'm not sure I really connected well with this song. For me, it was something forgettable that I could easily be doing something else and not pay attention to it. The song seems to be about Santanna still struggling with herself, Shelby missing Puck for some reason, and Kurt being sad about losing the election, but sending in his NYADA application anyway. (I really hope he can get in anyway!)

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