Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ep. 7~I kissed a girl

After that cliff-hanger ending with Santanna slapping Finn, she almost gets suspended for her display of violence, but Finn decides to let it slide because he wants to help her accept herself. I thought it was nice that he made a reference to the It Gets Better videos, and sweet that he didn't want Santanna to kill herself.

Finally Santanna accepts herself for liking herself and seems a better person for it. She announces her parents took it well (excellent!) but her grandmother sadly... well, didn't. Her coming-out speech to her was really beautiful and strong, but her abuela just couldn't accept her. ~,~

I couldn't believe that Kurt could be down in the polls for class president. How can he be down in any poll? So unfair! ~,~ I'm glad that a lot of people in Glee club voted for him, but it's still sad. That Rachel was forced to stuff the ballot boxes with that many extra votes (how did she sneak them in for him?) for him is just ridiculous. It broke my heart to see Kurt so torn up, since he didn't win the lead for West Side Story or the election. (Yay for his dad getting elected for congress instead of Sue, though! At least one of the Hummels got to win something.)

Personally, I'm glad the little romance between student and teacher, Puck and Shelby, seems to be through. No doubt it will come back to haunt him, (WHY did he go and tell Quinn about it?) but at least I don't have to be disgusted anymore. I'm glad that Puck addressed first how selfish and nasty Quinn could be, but then how much of an emotional mess she was later. I like seeing that he has a conscience, and is at least sorry that he knocked her up.

Also there's the tiny side-plot about Coach Bieste and her crush Cooter the recruiter. It's sweet how she's head over heels for him, but all the sadder when she finds him and Sue Sylvester on a date! She shouldn't have been sending him mixed messages. I like how in the end she stands up and tells him how she really feels, and promises that she won't let Coot go without a fight. I want to see that happen.

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